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Made to last

Our knit jackets

made of 100% lambswool and available in many colours

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Our classic Thomas

reduced for a short time

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Fashion for women

Jacket Monika

Our most elaborate knitted coat for women with synthetic fur

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Now for two

our aurora

our long functional jacket is now also available with an additional baby bag

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Timeless and modern

Jacket Thomas College

in Anthracite/Grey

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Repairs and Warranty

After the topic of repairs and our warranty has come up more often lately, here is some important information. We will be happy to repair your jackets and we are also aware that they can naturally occur over the years, because we are talking about a piece of clothing that hopefully will be worn often and gladly. So it’s quite normal for knitwear that you have to make improvements. We are happy to do this with the right wool and the right know-how. This service is not a matter of course, so please understand that we have to charge a small fee for the repair. This has always been super fair and will remain so. If you want to do it yourself and can knit, you can also ask us for lost buttons or the right wool. I’d love to help you! Thanks for your understanding and see you soon.

Christmasmarket in Benediktbeuern

This year we are of course again at the Christmas market in Benediktbeuern with many great knitting jackets.
On 9.12. from 10 to 19 o’clock you will find us on the spot. Of course there will be bargains, mulled wine and good conversations with the boss personally. We are looking forward to seeing you!