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Repairs and Warranty

After the topic of repairs and our warranty has come up more often lately, here is some important information. We will be happy to repair your jackets and we are also aware that they can naturally occur over the years, because we are talking about a piece of clothing that hopefully will be worn often and gladly. So it’s quite normal for knitwear that you have to make improvements. We are happy to do this with the right wool and the right know-how. This service is not a matter of course, so please understand that we have to charge a small fee for the repair. This has always been super fair and will remain so. If you want to do it yourself and can knit, you can also ask us for lost buttons or the right wool. I’d love to help you! Thanks for your understanding and see you soon.

Coupons from Liebling

Currently not the right Jacket, the favorite color or the right size in our online-shop? Or once again damn late in your gift search? Then we have something for you: our new coupons. You can choose if you like a fast digital coupon code or a nice gift card.