Knitwear Care - Liebling

With the appropriate care, our lambswool Janker (tracht jacket – check it out)
made from 100% Lambswool, will maintain it is cozyness. That’s why Liebling recommends storing your favourite Janker in a lying position, and if necessary, using a lint shaver. Clean your Janker by hand or on wool wash cycle. Steam after washing with a steam iron in dry condition. With the right love, it’ll last forever.

Liebling Janker Strickpflege - Waschmittel

Liebling Janker - Strickpflege


In collaboration with a German detergent manufacturer, we’ve developed a detergent specifically for high-quality knitwear. Our detergent is ideal for hand wash or machine wash regardless if the product is wool, lambswool, angora, cashmere or alpaca.

Our jankers love to be carefully washed by hand or alternatively on delicate when using the washing machine (when they are dirty). To make the knitwear last and look like new again, add 10 ml/2 teaspoons of detergent to 5l/1 Gallon water for washing by hand. When you using machine washing, double the previous mentioned amount of detergent. In case of stains: Articles that don’t bleed their color anymore can be carefully treated with a stain remover before the wash. You can dab the stain remover on the necessary area and wait approximately 10 minutes before giving it a wash. The specified dosage is enough for 24 hand washes or 12 wash machine washes. Please keep it out of the reach of children!

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