Philosophy - Liebling


Liebling represents original cosmopolitan thinking which includes being aware of
your origin
 but still keeping the ability to deal with it critically.
This in turn allows the alternative bavarian attitude towards life to take center stage.
With its individuality, humour, confidence and
 honesty all sharing the spotlight.




Liebling is a young Label from Bad Tölz in Upper Bavaria, Germany. It was founded in 2006 by Thomas Bacher. The brand reflects a fresh bavarian attitude towards life expressed through its diverse collection of newly interpreted ‚Tracht‘ (the traditional bavarian costume also worn at Octoberfest) and modern streetwear. Our home, Bavaria, is the biggest source of inspiration for us. The people behind our label are a special and adventurous group. Their passion and creativity is the driving force behind our quality products. We take no short cuts when it comes to producing our clothing. Quality and detail are two very important aspects of the manufacturing process that we take great pride in. Each item is unique and made to last you through each of your memorable journeys.

Our products are suitable for your special occasions as well as daily living. Each piece is timeless with history, transports values and an attitude towards life. Old and new values, like honesty and individuality, that should not only shine in Bavaria but throughout the world. Let Liebling guide you through your next adventure. All of our products come from one hand. We design, produce and distribute ourselves. This principle of operating allows us to fulfil diverse and innovative (product) ideas without having to rely on modern fashion. Because of this, we place great emphasis on the quality of our products.