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The right choice

We’re being asked what size to take with the JANKERS on an almost daily basis. Naturally, it varies in regards to the individual, but with the following size chart we hope to be helpful. When in doubt we recommend you to take the smaller size. Our JANKERs are knitted and they tend to adapt to the body. This goes without saying, we will help you! Don’t hesitate to write us:


If it doesn’t fit anymore

If your Liebling does not fit you like it used to, happily contact us. We know how to remake your old Janker – we have talented tailors at hand that know how to handle our Jankers. We’re here to assist you!

Size guide


Janker Cuts


Not only are our JANKERS made of the highest quality, but they also possess a wonderful and unique cut. Our in-between sizes like S/M are for slim as well as tall men. This slim cut offers each of you a perfectly suitable JANKER. The hood resembles the design of the 16th century cowls. In order to protect the face, our design is specifically created not to „blow up“ when there is wind present.


For the women, we designed a petite hood similar to the cut of a modern looking little red riding hood. The additional strap at the collar can be buttoned so you don’t get cold. All women’s JANKERs have a chip-carving cut in the back to keep the kidneys warm. Additionally, it can be perfectly combined with a ‚dirndl’ (traditional costume). Our modern JANKERS Models, Katharina and Veronika, are cut longer so you can match it with jeans as well. Thumbholes in the arms protect yourself from colder temperatures.

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