Team - Liebling


Thomas Bacher

Thomas is the founder and head of Liebling. From early on in his childhood he was introduced to the different approaches one can take on life. Growing up here, it was only natural to be exposed to the conservative way of Bavarian daily living. By regularly exercising his creativity and love for extreme sports, Thomas’s approach to life began to change. It was after getting his first tattoo that he really broke away from that conservatism and made a turn for a more modern way of living. He lived in the USA from 1999 till 2001 where he worked as a site supervisor with G. Ramps AG. During this time, he went on a backpacking trip through India. There, he quickly realised that he wanted to explore his beginnings again. Since making his way back to Bavaria, Thomas lives on a farm in Isartal where he opened up the fun sports store „Neokeltic“. It is safe to say that his bavarian open-hearted nature shapes Liebling immensely.

Jakob Nicklbauer

Jakob is the Co-founder of Liebling and has been a part of it since day one. He takes care of all creative matters of Liebling. His emphasis is on the feeling of Liebling. Flyers, brochures, and our website should all be in sync with Liebling and its motto. We like to think one would agree. In addition to that, he is also the talented photographer behind almost all of the pictures offered by Liebling. For inspiration or with hopes of finding a cool and unique shot, Jakob digs into grandfather’s old picture collection from time to time.



Sandra Hoiss

Sandra is in charge of the distribution of our products. If she is not travelling then all of your orders go through her. She does an amazing job. We promise!

Dominik Liebherr

Dominik is a reliable multimedia all-rounder. Whether it is videos or pictures, he can help. In addition to that, he is an incredibly talented hand craftsman. This talent he puts to use through remodelling our store or helping with fair events.



Stefanie Sachenbacher

Stefanie is our tailor. She designs modern cuts and sows the sample cuts herself. Anyone who wants something custom-made has found the right person in her. Information and contact can be found here:

Markus “Bambam” Steinke

Building skies and putting them to use on the slopes are great passions of his. After completing numerous ski tours all over the world, the born Upper Bavarian founded an excellent and successful ski brand „Mountain Wave“. So when he is not investing his time in the designing of new skies or running his company B.Ä.M, you’ll find him doing his thing on the slopes.


Thank you so much

We want to thank all of our friends who made this possible. Thank you so much for your time and your help with Shootings, Fashion shows or Fare events. You guys are a crucial part of Liebling. Without you, Liebling wouldn’t be.

Verena Emberger, Sylvia Kiss, Alexander Neumaier, Ronja Bacher, Sonja Herpich, Sepp Jäger, Barbara Hönig, Stefan Wild, Heidi Zacher, Korbinian Beilhack, Ilija Altvater, Marie Luise Frick, Robin Schwarze, Tom Kleinhans, Stefan Ehrgartner, Stefan Sessler, Peter Dür, Simone Dowé, Lisa Frühbeis, Thomas Müller, Katharina Nicklbauer, Sebastian Ettinger, Claus Hoffmann, Ralph Stachulla, Julia Barton, Tanja Hartlieb, Valentin Scherer, Veronika Niedermayer, Albert Gast, Sabine Fischhaber, Sabrina Datzer, Dominik Felber, Steffen Hörbrand, Stefanie Ragaller, Marko Petz, Florian Leichs, Joana Damek, Sina Scherer, Bianca Röder, Florian Esten, Florian Wagner, Meaughan Stafford uvm.